DNA Policy

Wheatfield Surgery have a ‘do not attend’ policy to ensure that patients are followed up and are aware they cannot ‘not attend’ appointments without cancelling their appointment in advance, as it’s unfair on other patients that cannot obtain an appointment.

Reception run a report on a daily basis that shows us who did not attend their appointment’s the day before. This list is then checked against the appointment ledger to ensure there wasn’t a genuine reason for the no show, i.e. admitted to hospital etc.

The remaining list is then read coded as ‘DNA letter sent to patient’, and sent a letter informing them of the affect on the surgery by not attending their appointment’s and that it isn’t fair on other patients. It also mentions that it is important they attend their own appointments to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Wheatfield Surgery holds a three strike policy. If the patient receives a DNA letter three times within a 12 month period they will be removed from the surgery list and informed.

The secretary also sends letters to patients who do not attend their appointments at the hospital or community services. They are informed of the seriousness of this and asked to make an appointment with their usual GP to follow up from this.

We also have a DNA board in the waiting area which informs patients how many appointments were missed and how many hours of time this equates too.